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Welcome to The Stoxkarts Website

Welcome to the world of Stoxkart racing, a world in which nothing is as it appears and big budgets count for nothing, whilst driving skill and fun are the name of the game.

Founded in 2003 as Stockkarts the formula never really managed to take off. However late in 2009 the formula was purchased by ex-BriSCA F1 drivers Ian & Paul Higgins, and the formula was re-branded and re- launched in 2010 as Stoxkarts. Since then with alot of hard work and support from the drivers the formula has grown and has subsequently been the fastest growing short oval formula in recent years. The growth has continued  with more than 90 karts in circulation, both a Junior and Senior class. The racing is fast, close, fun and most of all affordable. 2020 looks like it will be another bumper year.

As well as the on-track racing, the social side of the racing is a big part of Stoxkarts, a club atmosphere and emphasis on family involvement is all a part of the formula. The family aspect is something we are very keen on with both Juniors and seniors using the same Karts at the same meetings.

Based around a 390cc Honda 4 stroke engine with a centrifugal clutch, Stoxkarts will reach speeds in excess of 50mph. A lap of a track such as Birmingham Wheels would be completed in just over 18 seconds. All Karts run on transponders for lap positions and the Race Director has one way radio comunication with all drivers via an in Kart Raceciever.

At first glance a Stoxkart may seem small - they are after all the smallest of all the ‘contact’ formulas - but what they lack in size they more than make up for in every other department...  exciting, fast, rugged and most importantly of all, affordable!

With each Stoxkart built to the same specification with NO modifications being allowed, it means that winning or losing a race is down to driver ability and little bit of lady luck, rather than the size of your cheque book!

Stoxkarts have a number of options whereby potential race drivers can try before they buy, and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve ever been frustrated at being baulked by a slower driver in front of you when karting, Stoxkarts offers the perfect antidote. If the Kart in front is in your way then simply put your front bumper to good use!  Come and enjoy the thrills, spills and the adrenaline atmosphere of real contact racing with 30+ other Karts on track at the same time, then go home and check your bank balance... you’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ve had yet how little it costs!

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